The Brizer is a centrifugal electric bellows designed to lower the temperature in the roof space.

Advantages of the Brizer

The Brizer is activated automatically by a thermostat, slowly pumping out the heat from the roof space, in so reducing the temperature in the roof space by 15 centigrade on average.
During the summer months, the average temperature in the roof space is 50 centigrade, but with the aid of the Brizerthe maximal temperature will reach only 34 centigrade.
The drop in the roof space temperature affects the temperature of the rest of the rooms under the roof, reducing it significantly.

Its sole representative in Israel:

Two weeks trial - free!

The Braser can be returned for up to two weeks and the money is refunded, offset by the cost of the installation only. In case of purchase without installation, the full amount will be refunded

  • Brizer is silent and is not heard working indoors.
  • Brizer is weatherproof a long-lasting.
  • Brizer is waterproof (IPX-4) and UV radiation shielded.
  • Brizer has international standard approval, and the Israeli Standards Institute.
  • Brizer is the perfect solution for all types of roofs and buildings.
  • Brizer fits all types of roofs.
  • Brizer comes in various colors to be adapted to the roof color.