The Brizer is a centrifugal electric bellows designed to lower the temperature in the roof space.

The Brizer is activated automatically by a thermostat, slowly pumping out the heat from the roof space, in so reducing the temperature in the roof space by 15 centigrade on average

During the summer months, the average temperature in the roof space is 50 centigrade, but with the aid of the Brizert he maximal temperature will reach only 34 centigrade

The drop in the roof space temperature affects the temperature of the rest of the rooms under the roof, reducing it significantly

Commitment to service

Delivery of the Brizer to the customer’s home even when the customer installs the Brizer himself without additional charge. A detailed explanation of how to install at the customer’s home includes advice on the best location for installing the Brizer. Personal attention to each customer.

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